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Implants, the Roanoke Implant Center Way

At Roanoke Implant Center, we are committed to revolutionizing the way dental implant procedures are performed. With our innovative approach, we have performed more procedures than many other facilities or networks, giving thousands of patients the confidence to take the first step towards a better smile.


Why Choose Roanoke Implant Center?

One Team: Our team of doctors and specialists work together to deliver excellent treatment to our patients. With our direct communication between the doctor, oral surgeon, and lab technician, we are able to deliver a better patient experience. Our doctors are specially selected for their experience and excellence in treating patients.

One Cost: Say goodbye to additional costs and hidden fees. We provide a single price for the entire procedure from start to finish, meaning you'll know exactly what to expect for the cost of your treatment.

One Location: All the necessary elements for successful dental implant treatment are housed in a single location at Roanoke Implant Center. This means you won’t have to visit multiple locations, saving you time and money.

All-on-four implant system: We offer the All-on-Four implant system, also known as "teeth-in-a-day", which allows for the placement of a full arch of replacement teeth with just four strategically placed implants. This can be a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution for patients who are missing a full arch of teeth.

At Roanoke Implant Center, we understand the importance of having a functional and beautiful smile. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality care and strives to make your implant treatment as comfortable and successful as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a better smile.

The Traditional Path vs. The Roanoke Implant Center Path

Getting dental implants used to be a time-consuming and complicated process. You would have to make separate visits to various specialists, wait for scans, and wait for records to be transferred.


The traditional path typically involves:

  • A consultation with an oral surgeon

  • A 3D CAT scan at a special imagery lab

  • Implant surgery and measurement taking for prosthetics with the oral surgeon

  • Measurements sent to a prosthodontist and dental lab for the teeth to be made

  • Fitting and installation of prosthetics by the prosthodontist


This process can take multiple visits to different locations and can be costly. At Roanoke Implant Center, we have found a better way.

At Roanoke Implant Center, we offer a simpler solution. You will work with the same team of dental implant professionals throughout the entire process. A 3D image of your mouth will be taken and you will consult with the team to determine the best course of treatment. The surgery will usually be done in one day, and you can walk away with fully functioning teeth. You will also receive a one fixed price that covers the entire procedure. At your follow-up appointment, you'll meet with the same team.

Choosing Roanoke Implant Center for your dental implant treatment saves you time and money, and ensures you receive the best possible care.

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